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Extended Stay Hotels Guide- Get All About Extended Stay Hotels

´╗┐Extended Stay Hotels Guide- Get All About Extended Stay Hotels

ESH, an Extended stay hotel is an advanced feature that is generally not available at standard hotels. It is a type of accommodation that offers home-like facilities. These hotels offer great laundry facilities and some discounts for extended stays. Extended stay hotels have guestrooms with kitchens included sink, refrigerator, microwave oven and a stovetop. Sometimes they offer dishwashers and conventional ovens. Extended stay hotels offer hotel stay for more than seven days.
Extended stay hotels satisfy the needs of temporary housing. Generally these are better options for business travelers. Extended stay hotels are also known as budget hotels because they offer all facilities at reasonable prices. Several hotels and motels offer special concession for extended stay. Extended stay hotels have rapid expansion in extended stay lodging market. ESH is currently offering 670 properties with about 73,000 rooms that serve nearly all US metropolitan areas.
Extended stay hotels are like hotel-type accommodations that provide well-furnished apartments. These are superb due to corporate relocations, extended work assignments, or extensive home renovations. The extended stay hotels are also known as corporate housing. The apartments of extended stay hotels are usually well furnished. They provide several useful amenities like kitchens, utensils, linens and others. Staying in extended hotels is cheaper than normal hotels.
Basic question about extended stay in hotels is that from where a person can find information about furnished apartments. People can find information regarding extended say hotels in the local newspaper. The owners of extended stay property usually provide complete information in the newspaper or via media. Some advertisers can advertise their product online. People can also contact them by making a phone call.
You can search for extended stay property by mentioning the city as well as area, where you want to rent an apartment, on Internet. Currently several websites are providing information as well as best offers and discounts for extended stay in hotels. Actually extended stay hotels offers a great place to live outside your home. It is a type of comfortable and affordable temporary housing. These can easily satisfy your temporary housing needs.

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